Varenna at Fountaingrove - Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThe Varenna at Fountaingrove is a 297,000 sq. ft. senior residential facility located in the hills above Santa Rosa. The four-story structure is part of the larger Fountaingrove Assisted Senior Living project that includes a health care facility, on site housing for employees, and separate single-family homes.

The Villetta is comprised of three levels of wood and steel framed structure over an underground parking facility. The podium type construction utilized a 10″ concrete parking garage ceiling slab, which supports the framing from the upper floors. Within the building are theaters, dining facilities, a swimming pool, exercise rooms, and residential units ranging in size from 900 sq. ft. to 3400 sq. ft. The architectural design required long-span framing for several areas within the building, including the lobby, swimming pool, and dining rooms.

Varenna at Fountaingrove - Santa Rosa, California