CSW|ST2 is partnering with UndergroundGIS, Inc. to provide an affordable utility infrastructure visualization, management and analytics service called InSite.

With InSite, your entire network of utilities and other infrastructure assets will appear in an easy to read, easy to navigate format for maintenance and operations, construction planning and design, emergency preparedness, and financial and executive management.

Underground assets are easily located relative to above ground structures and information about those assets (material, age, size, etc.) is available on the digital maps viewable on your existing GIS platform including those from Esri, Autodesk, Bentley and many more. If you do not have a GIS, UndergroundGIS delivers on the popular Google Maps, Google Earth and OpenStreetMap (open source) platforms. Use the built-in GPS locator to see where you are while you navigate underground utility systems.

InSite replaces the perishable, easily misplaced paper plans in your plan room and is available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Watch the Intro to InSite video
Underground GIS video
Asset management reports provide detailed and aggregate information about the underground assets including asset counts, cost of replacement and suggested time-frame for replacement.

While news stories about the deteriorating state of public infrastructure are commonplace, what may be a surprise is the fact that 65% of all utility infrastructure is on private property and is not the responsibility of local, state or federal authorities. What are you doing to manage your facility infrastructure?

For more information about InSite or to schedule a private demonstration, please contact Jim Grossi at [email protected]

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