Our structural engineering department provides design services for commercial, industrial, retail, residential, and public works projects. We also provide forensic services, seismic evaluations, retrofit designs, pre-design value engineering, feasibility studies, and seismic strengthening.


Commercial and Retail Buildings

Our engineers are experienced in timber, masonry, concrete, and steel structural systems used in commercial construction. Our staff has designed a large number of commercial buildings for a wide variety of clients. Services include design of new buildings as well as major remodeling of existing buildings. In addition, CSW|ST2 engineers have designed single retail stores up to multiple-store shopping malls, as well as large warehouse-type stores. Past projects include design for both new construction and remodeling.

Industrial Buildings

Our engineering staff has a broad level of experience in designing industrial buildings and structures for industry, including conventional buildings, tilt-up construction, pre-fabricated metal buildings, equipment supports, and crane support systems.


Our structural design group has vast experience in design of custom single-family residences, as well as multi-family residential units including apartment and condominium complexes.

Public Works

Our engineering staff provides in-house structural engineering support for our civil public works projects, as well as providing services to City, County, and State public agencies.

Seismic Evaluations and Rehabilitation

CSW|ST2 engineers have a broad range of experience in seismic evaluations and retrofit projects. These include bridges, unreinforced masonry buildings, industrial structures, and residential structures. Our engineers have provided seismic retrofit services for both private and public agencies.

Miscellaneous and Special Structures

Engineers in CSW|ST2’s structural group have extensive experience in design of miscellaneous structures such as bridges, transmission towers, tanks and retaining walls, as well as rehabilitation and upgrading of such structures.