Septic Systems are very complex and their performance is based upon many variables such as use, age, soil conditions, maintenance and ground water conditions. With more than 55 years of experience in commercial and residential wastewater design, CSW|ST2 is able to provide expertise in soils testing, design and monitoring for these systems.

Septic System Design & Monitoring
Septic System Design & Monitoring
Septic System Design & Monitoring

When it comes to Septic System design and performance it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each design is unique and healthy long-term performance often requires using innovative ideas to maximize the treatment and dispersal of wastewater within a limited area. Typical services include:

Septic System Feasibility Studies

CSW|ST2 will evaluate the proposed site by conducting a Soil Profile Investigation, followed by Percolation Tests and then develop Design Calculations and a Schematic Plot Plan. We summarize our findings and recommendations in a report to better define the type and size of a new septic system.

Septic System Observation and Evaluation

CSW|ST2 will perform Hydraulic Load Tests on existing septic systems to assess the current condition of the system. This type of testing is often required for Real Estate transactions or for building expansion permits. We will provide our findings and recommendations report within promptly after completion of the test.

Septic System Design

CSW|ST2 understands the most current regulations for septic system design and operation. Our many years of experience will greatly assist in determining the most feasible size, location and layout of the septic system. Our services will include any necessary land surveying and mapping of the property as well as an efficient and compliant design.

Construction Support

CSW|ST2 offers a full range of construction support. Our services include daily or periodic inspection to meet our clients’ needs as well as Agency requirements. We provide construction scheduling, observation, logs, final compliance letters and Record Drawings, as requested.


CSW|ST2 provides monitoring services for all residential and commercial systems. We understand the design and construction is only the beginning of the systems lifespan and we provide monitoring and maintenance services to help the owner maintain the septic system for maximum long-term performance. Additionally, we provide coordination between owners and septic contractors for routine maintenance services such as pumping the tank.