CSW|ST2 comprehensive site development package offers varied Land Planning services. Our integrated design approach determines specific tasks and products to move projects through the approval process.


Feasibility Studies

CSW|ST2 Feasibility Studies assist clients with affirmation of a project’s viability. These studies focus the client’s concepts with development design standards evaluating permit requirements and development fees to anticipated infrastructure expenses and other site specific impacts. Feasibility Studies contain a written synopsis of the research with supporting diagrams, site plans, application forms, and schedules.

Opportunities and Constraints Maps

CSW|ST2 Opportunity and Constraints Maps contain comprehensive Site Inventory and Site Analysis. After investigating off-site features, the Site Analysis identifies relationships between the client’s concepts and the Site Inventory. This information is used to create the Opportunity and Constraints Map coordinating existing site conditions, agency and jurisdictional regulations, and other site-specific development factors.

Preliminary Site Development Plan

To prepare Preliminary Site Development Plans, CSW|ST2 coordinates the client’s project vision with development infrastructure requirements as identified by the Opportunity and Constraints Map. This Preliminary Site Development Plan illustrates design concepts for the site layout including vehicular and pedestrian circulation, essential development infrastructure, and recommended building envelopes. Innovative design ideas are proposed to meet jurisdictional regulations. LID (Low Impact Development) opportunities are encouraged to provide cost-effective and responsible alternatives to conventional methods.

Comprehensive Site Plans

Comprehensive Site Plans are the first step in detailing pedestrian and vehicular circulation, preliminary grading, utilities, and the landscape. Design elements are investigated that will further connect the client’s vision to the site character. Support documents, addressing issues such as hydrology, zoning consistency, and cost comparisons, may determine the need for additional reports or agency interaction.

Master Plans

When requisite, CSW|ST2 prepares Master Plans to support a comprehensive site development package. As an extensive project report detailing the site-specific planning process, the Master Plan discusses design concepts and project decisions as supported by diagrams, maps, illustrations, photos, and the Comprehensive Site Plans.