As a project moves from the design phase through the construction phase, CSW|ST2 construction management team provides our clients with the assistance they need to make the technical decisions necessary to ensure the quality and timely completion of construction activities.

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Pre-Construction Services

Our construction management begins prior to the commencement of construction activities. We offer:

  • Review of construction design plans
  • Preparation of bid packages
  • Response to questions from bidders
  • Issuance of addenda to bidders, as needed
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Assistance in contractor selection
  • Conducting of pre-construction coordination meeting

Services During Construction

During actual construction activities, CSW|ST2 can:

  • Evaluate value engineering proposals
  • Evaluate contractor submittals
  • Evaluate changes to proposals
  • Evaluate contractor invoices
  • Provide clarifications to project design plans
  • Provide design changes to meet changing field conditions
  • Provide coordination between design team, contractors, and government agencies