CSW|ST2 is working with the University to replace the existing sanitary sewer system, which includes multiple septic tanks and five leach fields, with a system that will include a submersible duplex type pump station with stand-by electrical generation. This new pumping facility will collect wastewater from the 24 structures at the Romberg Center by gravity to the new wetwell at the station. The existing septic tanks, a total of 18, will be bypassed.

The pump station will discharge into a recently installed pipeline, from Building #36 to Paradise Drive, near the north gate. A new line will need to be installed to Sanitary District No. 5’s facilities in Paradise Drive for an additional 800 LF north of the North Gate.

The new pumps are designed to discharge 50 GPM at 150 TDH. In addition, a new standby generator and transfer switch will be installed to
provide emergency power to run the pump station system as well as Building #36 in the event of a power outage. The existing, undersized standby generator will be upgraded to 250 kw.